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Home Staging Presentation


Today I had my 10 minute presentation time at BNI (Buisness Network International). Using a powerpoint presentation, I described what home staging is and what it isn't. Sellers must think of their property as a "house" - a commodity. Buyers are looking for a "home" - a lifestyle. I discussed some of the reasons to stage a house and the desired results. Then I showed the group before and after photos of a house that I staged with one of my sellers. The differences were remarkable! And - the property sold at the first showing! Staging really does work! I am available to do my presentation to groups, businesses, or anyone interested. If you would like to know more about staging your home to sell, just let me know! 

It's a Price War and a Beauty Contest!


Did you know that the appearance of your home is just as important as the price of your home when it is on the market?

First impressions are everything! When potential buyers see your home online, they may begin by choosing their price range, but from then on its all about presentation. If they are not drawn in by their first glance at your photos, they quickly move on to another property.

Your home must be clean! This is the top priority! Remove the clutter, do some deep cleaning, and... wash your window! You'll be surprised how much cleaner, brighter and fresher your home will look with clean windows! I have a window cleaning business associate whose tag line is "see your world, not your windows" - How true!

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